Node-RED - map all the things

Node-RED - Map all the things

Search - You may enter a name or partial name of an object to search for.
The map will then jump to centre on each of the results.

Set Max Age - You can set the time after which points that haven't been updated get removed.

Cluster at zoom - by default multiple objects will be clustered at zoom levels less than 12.

Auto Pan - When selected, the map will automatically move to centre on each data point as they arrive.

Lock Map - When selected will save the currently displayed area and basemap.
Reloading the map in the current browser will return to the same view.
This can be used to set your initial start position.
While active it also restricts the "auto pan" to within that area.

Heatmap all layers - When selected all layers whether hidden or not will contribute to the heatmap.
The default is that only visible layers add to the heatmap.